‘The Hunger Games’ Countdown: Prepping for the Fan Frenzy

Now that we’re just under two months away from The Hunger Games’ March 23rd release, the cast and crew are out and about, interacting with both the press and the fans including our very own Woody Harrelson interview, a cast Twitter Q&A and much more. No, this element of the promotional phase won’t make or break the film – unless perhaps there’s some sort of Charlie Sheen-sized circumstance – but it can make or break a fan’s perception of that actor or filmmaker.

I’ve been reporting for movie news websites for quite some time now and I’ve had my fair share of celebrity encounters. Sure, this type of environment is wholly different from, let’s say, a fan walking up to his or her favorite actress on the street, but star courtesy still goes a long way. No, I’m not here to badmouth anyone, but let me tell you, it never feels good when an actor pushes your microphone away on a red carpet. On the bright side, that’s really only one of a very small handful of interview misses I’ve had over the years.

In fact, most of my celebrity encounters have been quite the opposite – actors gushing about the subject matter of their new film, veteran directors finally completing a passion project, first time filmmakers excited to get a taste of the press circuit. Some experiences I’ll never forget?Talking Scream 4 with Wes Craven, sharing my ringtone with Steven Spielberg and getting a grilled cheese sandwich from Dustin Hoffman. Then there’s San Diego Comic Con, which is an entirely different breed of fan outreach itself. Not only is the event brimming with some of the most dedicated fans I’ve ever come across, but equally dedicated stars, going out of their way to mingle and give thanks.

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