Best/Worst Movie Promos of the Week: All Hail Jimmy Kimmel

Before hitting the best and the worst of the week, we’ve got three pretty wild TV spots that are must-sees. First up is the new red band spot for Project X. If you think the stuff in this video is bad, wait until you see the full feature. Parents of high school kids beware! On a far more wholesome note, why not watch the Titans ravage the innocent in this new spot forWrath of the Titans? I wasn’t a fan of the action overdose in the first, but when you cram it all into a tiny TV spot, it does look like a good deal of fun. We’ve also got a new spot for G.I. Joe Retaliation featuring a rather cheesy group unity speech from Dwayne Johnson. Then again, who wouldn’t listen when a guy like Dwayne Johnson pumps his fist in your face?

Over in the clip zone we’ve got a new piece of 21 Jump Street to share. Things have been going well as far as trailers and TV spots are concerned, but the adrenaline dips a bit with this video, which isn’t all that funny. On the other hand, John Carter gets a boost from this extended clip and sizzle reel combination. Some of the action and characters still look a little cartoonish, but based on this piece, there’s also a lot more that’s pretty incredible. We’ve also got a little something new from Prometheus, however, this video showing off Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland isn’t in the actual film, rather it’s kicking off the movie’s viral campaign.

Before hitting the good, let’s wipe out two items that barely missed slipping into the worst of the week, the trailer for Bernie and the new Three Stooges motion poster. Odds are, you’ll only have the patience for one of them, as both are packed with ridiculous and irritating characters, but don’t you worry; the best stuff is here and it’ll undoubtedly lift your spirits and anticipation for three upcoming films.

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