October 16, 2009...12:01 am

Interview: Uma Thurman And Katherine Dieckmann

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DieckmannThurmanImagine sitting around a conference table with about ten other people then Uma Thurman bursts into the room and pops a squat right next to you. Maybe it’s because I’m 5’4” and she’s about 6’, but something about her presence is overwhelming. She didn’t waste a moment of our time before diving into a barrage of Motherhood questions alongside writer-director Katherine Dieckmann.

When you’re talking to two mothers about a film called Motherhood, the majority of questions will hearken back to their own experiences as mothers. You can read all about that below, but it’s about what’s not in the interview that you’re probably most curious about.

My roundtable was packed with mom bloggers so I was one of few reporters who could have dropped the Kill Bill 3 bomb. There was no way Uma was getting out of the room without, at least, hearing the question. About three quarters of the way through the interview it was time. To my disappointment, I asked and she dodged. She barely let me get my question out before turning me down. Oh well, I guess I should have expected that. The Motherhood chat was nice, but since I got no Kill Bill talk, the highlight of the interview was definitely when Uma walked out of the room, turned back and shouted “Live long and prosper.” I could totally see Uma as a Vulcan in the next Star Trek movie.

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