November 11, 2009...11:26 pm

Interview: Pirate Radio’s Philip Seymour Hoffman

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HoffmanAccording to Pirate Radio’s trailer, rock and roll played loudly throughout Britain until the government said no more. Okay, that sounds about right. The whole “until one American DJ and a band of renegades launched a radio station on the high seas” this? Well, not entirely. Philip Seymour Hoffman may be the most well known actor in Pirate Radio, particularly in the US, but he’s certainly not the star of this film and is eager to set the promotional material straight.

His character, The Count, is the sole American DJ aboard Radio Rock, a boat floating in the North Sea just outside the British government’s authority. It provides 24 hours of pop and rock a day until the government decides it’s time to sink their ship and outlaw them completely. The Count was just one of eight DJs determined to, in The Count’s words, “broadcast from this ship 24 hours a day until the day I die. And then for a couple days after that.”

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