November 12, 2009...12:27 am

Interview: Pirate Radio’s Tom Sturridge

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TomSturridgeIn the US, most people know Tom Sturridge as Robert Pattinson’s best pal. He’s had small roles in Vanity Fair and Being Julia, but beyond being by his vampire buddy’s side in tabloid photos, is widely unknown. It’s time you get to know Tom a little better because it’s his turn to prevail on the big screen, as a pirate.

In Pirate Radio Tom plays Carl, a kid who’s expelled from school and forced to work with his godfather. Lucky for him, his godfather is Quentin (Bill Nighy), the owner of Radio Rock, the ship responsible for bringing millions in Britain the music the government restricts.

Check out what Tom told me about getting his role, being naked in a bathroom with Nick Frost and his hopes to bring the play Punk Rock, for which he was just nominated for the Evening Standard Award for Outstanding Newcomer, to the US.

Click here to watch the interview.

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