January 11, 2010...12:39 am

Interview: Daybreakers Writer-Directors Michael And Peter Spierig

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You know the Coen brothers and the Farrelly brothers, but if you haven’t seen the horror comedyUndead, you probably have no idea who the Spierig brothers are. The writing/directing duo hails from Australia and is the team behind the latest film to indulge in the vampire craze, Daybreakers. It’s a good thing the two sport different looks, because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to tell Michael and Peter apart!

They first gained attention when Lionsgate unexpectedly acquired their self-financed film Undeadand set it for a limited theatrical run and DVD release. A couple of years later, the studio and the twins reunited to shoot Daybreakers. Not only were they completely taken aback by the concept of not having to swipe their own credit cards to finance the producer, but their dream headliner, Ethan Hawke, was on board to star.

Check out what Peter and Michael said about their filmmaking techniques, potential for aDaybreakers 2 and their next project, a film adaption of the adventure novel Captain Blood.

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