February 4, 2010...12:51 am

Interview: John Travolta And The From Paris With Love Team

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When John Travolta enters a room, time stops. Okay, not literally, but the guy’s got an unprecedented presence to match his extraordinary film career. Luckily he came in with a full head of hair rather than sporting a shiny bald melon like his character inFrom Paris With Love, Charlie Wax. Could you imagine how overwhelming that would have been? Still, between Travolta and co-stars Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Kasia Smutniak as well as director Pierre Morel and writer Luc Besson, the room was filled with a tremendous amount of talent.

From Paris with Love is a thriller about an eccentric and trigger-happy spy (Travolta) who whisks away his more docile young apprentice on an assignment to stop a terrorist attack. It’s as intense as it sounds. There’s bullets flying, bad guys dying and even a cocaine shower. Check out what the group said about designing John’s unconventional character, working in Paris, a Travolta family cameo and more.

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