February 6, 2010...12:29 pm

Review: Frozen

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There’s something immensely enjoyable about trying to put yourself in the place of a horror movie character and imagining how you’d fair in their situation. What’s the best part of this fantasy scenario? It’s fake. But Frozen makes it feel so real that it’ll keep you from hitting the slopes anytime soon.

Dan (Kevin Zegers) and his best buddy Joe (Shawn Ashmore) frequently enjoy leaving their problems behind and spending time on the mountain. But this week, one of Joe’s problems came along for the ride, Dan’s girlfriend Parker (Emma Bell). Not only has she created a slight disconnect between the childhood friends, but she’s not the most talented snowboarder. Just as the slopes are about to close, the trio convince the chairlift operator to let them squeeze in one more run. Thanks to some miscommunication, the lift is shut down before they reach the top, leaving them stranded in the dead of night.

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