Interview: Amanda Seyfried is Chloe

In the words of MTV‘s “True Life,” you think you know Amanda Seyfried as an actress, but you have no idea. This reference is particularly fitting considering the channel’s target audience is likely the one to rush to see anything with Seyfried’s name attached. But brace yourselves; you’ve likely seen her as the blond bombshell with ‘ESPN,’ Karen, in Mean Girls, Meryl Streep’s bubbly daughter Sophie in Mamma Mia! or, more recently, as the innocent nerd trying to deal with her demonic best friend in Jennifer’s Body, but you’ve never seen her like this.

In Chloe, Seyfried plays the titular character, a young prostitute who delves into an unconventional side of the business when she strikes a deal with an older woman named Catherine (Julianne Moore). Catherine suspects her husband (Liam Neeson) is cheating on her and hires Chloe to taunt him so she can see if he’ll nibble at the bait. But what Catherine doesn’t know is that there’s far more to Chloe than operating a business of questionable integrity. In fact, Chloe’s personal integrity is more suspect than her line of work. had the opportunity to sit down with Seyfried and hash out the details of the role and get her feelings about having to share a particularly sensual moment with Moore. As her filmography grows, skyrocketing her to a life of fame and fortune, Seyfried is just trying to do what she can, keep her films fresh, put priorities in their place and has her new puppy Finn by her side to see her through it all.

Click here to read the interview.

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