April 22, 2010...6:27 pm

Review: Harry Brown

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The concept of vigilantism is commonly associated with the homemade superhero craze. It’s easy to forget that an individual with a vengeance doesn’t have to have a cheesy name or be plain old deranged, but Harry Brown is as sane and simple as they come. Further pushing him into the world of the raw and deeply passionate is that he’s played by Michael Caine. This guy is the quintessential grandpa. He’s Batman’s Alfred for Christ’s sake! But not here. Here he’s the most unsuspecting force to be reckoned with.

Harry Brown (Caine) has hit a dark point in his life and that’s saying a lot considering he’s an ex-marine. When his wife passes away, he’s left alone in their apartment in a dangerous housing estate. He hears screams at night, views assaults from his window and doesn’t dare enter the pedestrian walkway just outside his building. The spot is prime delinquent territory. The worst of the worst hang out there and won’t hesitate at the chance to jump a victim, take his or her belongings and beat the living crap out of them.

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