April 22, 2010...6:18 pm

Tribeca Review: Metropia

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Welcome to Europe, 2024. The sky is gray and the streets are barren, but below the surface is a thriving subway system connecting the continent controlled entirely by Trexx Corp. Roger (voiced by Vincent Gallo) is a self-proclaimed normal guy. Perhaps this is just because he’s got a dull desk job at call center and is rather plain looking, because deep down Roger is far from normal; he suffers from a severe case of paranoia. While the masses opt to ride the Metro to work, Roger uses a bike so as to avoid the system he suspects to be part of some sort of conspiracy.

Upon finding his transportation mangled, Roger has no choice but to descend into the depths of the Metro. That’s when we discover another curious feature about Roger, which isn’t actually Roger at all, it’s the voice inside his head. While mind chatting with his new head case, he spots the gorgeous girl from a popular shampoo ad, Nina (Juliette Lewis). The two get to talking and Roger quickly discovers that Nina isn’t just a pretty face claiming to rid you of your dandruff.

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