May 2, 2010...2:57 pm

Tribeca Interview: Dog Pound’s Jeremie Delon, Kim Chapiron And Adam Butcher

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Thanks to Dog Pound, I began my coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival in an overwhelmingly fantastic way with high hopes for the screenings to come. From there some were fantastic, some were far from it, but throughout one thing remained constant, Dog Pound was at the top. Clearly others thought as highly of the film as I did, namely the 2010 World Narrative Competition jurors including Hope David, Aaron Eckhart and Cheryl Hines. Just the other evening, writer-director Kim Chapiron was awarded $25,000 and the Best New Narrative Filmmaker honor.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Chapiron’s co-writer, Jeremie Delon, who provided the rundown of how Dog Pound came together. “Georges Bermann, the producer of Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, he approached Kim four years ago, literally four years ago, and said, ‘Listen, I was to make this movie on juvenile prison in the US.’” But why Chapiron? During a roundtable interview earlier in the week, Chapiron himself recalled, “[Georges] enjoyed the way the young generation was presented [inSheitan],” Chapiron’s first feature film, which played at Tribeca back in 2006.

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