May 3, 2010...10:18 am

Tribeca Panel Report: Joan Rivers: A Piece Of Work

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The problem with trying to do a write up about a Joan Rivers interview is that she’s always telling jokes. Putting her jokes on paper, or online, strips them of her brilliant comedic timing. I hate to commit such an atrocity, but I’ve got to do my best to relate to you what went down at the Tribeca Talks panel after the screening of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.

It’s no surprise that after the film ended, Rivers strutted to the front of the theater drenched in jewels. In fact, that might have been the largest diamond necklace I’ve ever seen in my life. But that’s what’s important to Rivers: money. Rivers lives a lavish lifestyle and isn’t prepared to let that slip away anytime soon. When moderator Rex Reed joked about Rivers not being able to sit down in an easy chair to read a book without imploding, Rivers shot back, “If I ever sat down in an easy chair to read a book, I’d have a very rich husband.”

The cash flow is a significant motivation, but Rivers clearly has other values, otherwise there’s no way she’d be able to accomplish all she has in her career. Reed highlighted her philanthropic work and the fact that she was one of the first to fight AIDS on national television and endorse condoms. Rather than sit back and revel in the compliment, Rivers joked that at the time she didn’t even know what a condom looked like because, “Well, I had never seen one because I wasn’t particularly attractive.”

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