May 4, 2010...11:46 pm

Interview: Multiple Sarcasms’ Mira Sorvino

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Having grown up idolizing Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, it was difficult to look at Mira Sorvino and not think of her as the woman who proposed a miracle diet of candy corn, jelly beans and gummy bears and had a major thing for Billy Christianson. Luckily I was able to pull it together and switch gears to put the focus on Sorvino’s upcoming film Multiple Sarcasms. Giving me an extra nudge? Sorvino is quite convincing in her role.

She plays Cari, a free-spirited record executive and Gabriel’s (Timothy Hutton) best friend. He’s an architect suffering from an identity crisis obsessing over his venture to write a play about his life, which obviously damages his relationship with his loving wife (Dana Delany) and daughter (India Ennenga). When it all starts to unravel, Cari is there to pick up the pieces as best she can, and she’s the film’s main source of humor and ultimately reason.

Not only did Sorvino have a lot to say about her experience playing Cari and her thoughts on the character Gabriel, but she also delved into her passion project–working as a UN Goodwill Ambassador fighting human trafficking. She also had some interesting thoughts on the male-female friendship at the center of the film, and whether two heterosexual people can ever be “just friends.” Check it all out below.

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