May 6, 2010...10:23 pm

Review: The Wild Wonderful Whites Of West Virginia

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Anything related to Johnny Knoxville and the folks at Dickhouse Productions is going to be shocking to say the least. The boys of Jackass likely have a few screws loose up there, but what they do is an act in an effort to provide entertainment. The Whites are not an act; they’re the real thing and that’s the most disturbing part of The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.

There’s no nice way of saying this; the Whites are white trash. In fact, that’s putting it nicely. If you ask a resident of Boone County, West Virginia about the clan, they’d likely use a derogatory term likening the family to the worst of the worst. The Whites are notorious for causing all sorts of trouble about town from drug use to robbery and even attempted murder. As far as the authorities of Boone County are concerned, the Whites are nothing but trouble.

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