May 13, 2010...7:50 pm

Interview: Best Worst Movie Director Michael Stephenson

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What do you do when you’re the star of the worst movie ever made? Make a documentary about it of course! Okay, it’s not that simple. Troll 2 may be branded as pure garbage by IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, but there are heaps of fans all over the world that relish in watching vegetarian goblins attempt to turn a little boy and his family into plants suitable for their palates. Back in 1989, Michael Stephenson was that little boy and over two decades later he’s tracked down his former co-stars and tons of Troll 2 diehards to make a piece about this so-called worst movie ever.

After roughly four years Stephenson amassed about 400 hours of footage depicting rabid fans dripping in green slime throwing Troll 2 parties, hundreds lined up to watch a movie that never even made it to theaters and interviews with those responsible for creating this lovable atrocity. No, this isn’t Stephenson’s effort to cope with the mistakes by getting a giggle at his own expense. In fact, Best Worst Movie had the exact opposite effect on him; it brought him to the point at which he finally felt comfortable embracing the film he’d been trying to distance himself from all his life.

During a recent interview, Stephenson told me all about his experience making Troll 2, the day he first realized it’s not as bad as he once thought, the shocking realization that there are people out there who actually adore the film and how he went about creating Best Worst Movie. Check it all out for yourself below.

Click here to read the interview.

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