May 25, 2010...12:49 pm

Review: Best Worst Movie

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When eight-year-old Michael Stephenson went to work on Troll 2 in the summer of 1989, he and the rest of the cast and crew thought they were making something special. Little did they know that Troll 2 would go on to earn a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and the title of the worst movie ever made. Surprisingly that didn’t stop people throughout the world from dressing up like goblins, munching on green food and turning what most describe as pure garbage into a cult phenomenon. Now, two decades later, Stephenson is revisiting Troll 2 to explore the heaps of fans who idolize what he once considered his biggest mistake in the amusing yet touching documentary Best Worst Movie.

In his mission to accept this mishap-turned-masterpiece and even appreciate its faults, Stephenson stays behind the camera most of the time, ceding the spotlight to his on-screen father George Hardy. Now a charismatic Alabama dentist, Hardy joins Stephenson on his cross-country trip documenting as many Troll 2 screenings, parties and acts of adoration as possible. Hardy is clearly shocked by the attendees’ enthusiasm, but never fails to indulge in their every request whether it’s to sign a Nilbog t-shirt or even recite his character’s hospitality speech.

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