May 26, 2010...2:26 pm

Interview: Survival Of The Dead Writer-Director George A. Romero

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Way back in 1968, George A. Romero got behind the lens to bring Night of the Living Dead to life. Little did he know, the living dead were about to venture way beyond the night. They’d go on to terrorize surviving humans in the Dawn (twice), the Day (three times), across the Land, via Diary and now in Romero’s latest, Survival of the Dead.

In Survival, Romero spices up the series zombie genre by creating a western feel. Plum Island is just not big enough for its two warring families, the O’Flynns and the Muldoons. When a group of soldiers seeking refuge from the zombie-infested mainland arrives on the island, not only are they greeted by even more flesh eaters, but townsfolk with a deadly grudge too.

It’s easy to forget Romero has anything but zombies on the brain. Yes, he’s hoping to add two more films to the Dead series, but there’s some non-living dead material in his future. Read all about that, Romero’s take on the horror remake obsession, and, of course, Survival of the Dead in the interview below.

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