May 31, 2010...11:38 pm

Review: Get Him to the Greek

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We’re not in Hawaii anymore. Get Him to the Greek may be a Forgetting Sarah Marshall spinoff, but this is a different movie entirely. Whereas the original was the tales of a lovesick man’s effort to shed his sorrows, Get Him to the Greek is one in which the main character opts to embrace his vices, making for a much wilder ride. The film still retains the spirit of the first, but we’re in Aldous Snow’s (Russell Brand) world now and there are no singing vampire puppets here, only an unruly rock star with the uncanny ability to drink and smoke his way into our hearts.

Aldous has no problem in the dating department after breaking up with actress Sarah Marshall (Bell), but sadly his music career is suffering. He and pop star Jackie Q (Rose Byrne) are a music industry power couple until Aldous releases the catastrophic record, “African Child,” landing him at the bottom of every chart, putting his career in the gutter and destroying his relationship leading Aldous to ditch the sobriety effort and bring on the booze full force. Even in the constant haze of drugs and alcohol, Aldous still has the desire to return to his glory days.

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