May 31, 2010...11:35 pm

Review: Splice

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Moviegoers eat up films about people with superpowers, time travelers and aliens. They’re utterly absurd and therefore can simply be labeled as pure entertainment. But what happens when you take an absurd concept and infuse it with even the slightest degree of pragmatism? Splice happens. It’s natural to want to dismiss a concept suggesting the devastating results of a seemingly possible experiment, but by permitting yourself to absorb it, you’ll open yourself up to a potentially stirring and thoughtful experience.

Clive and Elsa (Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley) are a team of top-notch genetic engineers who focus on splicing the DNA of different animals to create hybrid creatures. Splice begins from the perspective of their latest creation, Fred. The duo creates Fred to complement Ginger, a female version of the same organism. The pharmaceutical company backing this whole venture is after a breakthrough protein with the power to cure genetic diseases. This is great and all, but Clive and Elsa are thinking even bigger; they want to throw some human DNA into the mix and really spice things up and take their experimentation way beyond this magic protein. However, the company’s plan only concerns the immediate benefits, not long term potential and their hopes to expand are extinguished – or so the company thinks.

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