June 15, 2010...11:03 pm

Cinematical Seven: Ways For Kristen Bell To Spice Up Her Relationships

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It was no surprise that after Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Kristen Bell opted to stick with romantic comedies. She wasn’t the film’s prime comedic relief, but her performance proved that she’s got the chops not only to provide a good laugh, but to create a genuine character as well. The problem is, by sticking with the genre, she wound up with junk like Couples Retreat and today’s new DVD/Blu-ray release, When in Rome.

Couples Retreat was one thing; she got the opportunity to star alongside Jason Bateman, Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Malin Akerman, Kristin Davis and Faizon Love. If she was looking to network, to sign on for a guaranteed hit or just get some face time alongside a talented bunch, this was it. What was her excuse when it came to When in Rome? Okay, Josh Duhamel is quite good looking, but surprisingly, that’s not all that counts when it comes to romance.

Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston might be stuck playing the same lady in a relationship crisis for the rest of their careers, but Bell is not. The talent is there, she’s just got to find better reasons to put it to use. She needs to leave the formulaic romcoms to those doomed to the genre’s dredges for eternity, and move on to something she can make memorable. There’s no harm in staying in the land of love, but at least test the waters and explore the vast amount of more unconventional relationships out there. Why not give one of these a shot?

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