August 28, 2010...3:11 pm

Review: The Last Exorcism

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When you go to see a movie about an exorcism, you know what to expect; a seemingly normal yet freaky subject, moaning, chanting and body contorting. The Last Exorcism really is just more of the same, but puts those elements to use in a rather unique way making them far more terrifying than one would expect without even being graphic. The Last Exorcism is a truly horrifying film, but doesn’t leave you with a pit in your stomach, rather a smile on your face. It’s scary, funny and entertaining and an excellent way to close out the summer.

Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian) is a preacher, but he’s also a showman. He can get his congregation to go along and feel good about anything he says, even a recipe for banana bread. Cotton takes the same approach to exorcisms. He puts his showmanship to work, conducts a fake exorcism, really makes his client believe he’s extracting a demon and everyone’s happy. The victim believes the demon has been removed and Cotton gets his money. It’s not as selfish as it sounds; Cotton is just trying to support his family and make sure he can afford his son’s hearing aids. However, after learning of a young boy killed during an exorcism, Cotton decides to make this next one his last and expose the practice for the scam that it is.

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