October 6, 2010...10:27 pm

Review: Life As We Know It

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Another romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl; should you prepare for more of the same? Yes, but surprisingly, in this case, more of the same isn’t all that bad. Someone must have told Heigl she’s been trying way too hard because in Life as We Know It, she dials it down a notch returning to the undeniably natural actress we grew to love in Knocked Up. Pair her up with the considerably charismatic Josh Duhamel and a cooing baby, and you’ve got a guaranteed crowd pleaser all the way through.

You know the saying, “opposites attract?” Well, that’s far from the case with Holly and Messer (Heigl and Duhamel). Holly is the orderly owner of a small café while Messer’s a wild and free-spirited sports television broadcast technician. Back in 2007, their best friends, Alison and Peter (Christina Hendricks and Hayes MacArthur), took the aforementioned saying to heart and set the two up on a date. The night was a disaster to say the least, but thanks to their mutual friends, it was impossible for Holly and Messer to avoid one another, especially when their buddies had a baby girl and named the duo the godparents.

Tragedy strikes just after baby Sophie’s first birthday when her parents pass away in a car accident. Now, not only do Holly and Messer have to manage a hefty dose of grief, but Sophie as well, because Alison and Peter designate Holly and Messer Sophie’s new parents in their will. Dumbfounded, but compelled, they opt to put their differences aside as best they can and bunk down in their late pals’ house for Sophie’s sake. However, as hard as they try and as much as they love Sophie, the fact that this was never the life they envisioned for themselves makes the situation even more complicated.

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