Interview: Limitless’ Bradley Cooper

While promoting the film Limitless, Bradley Cooper brought up an interesting topic: the character an actor plays winds up reflecting upon that actor. Basically at one time Cooper was seen as the nice guy from Alias then the jerk from Wedding Crashers and then the good looking smart aleck from The Hangover. Nowadays Cooper is most directly associated with Phil thanks to The Hangover’s continued success, but he’s gearing up to turn that image upside down yet again with his latest film, Limitless.

Cooper plays a guy named Eddie Morra, a writer who was once on top of the world with a book deal, but now sees that deal winding down with no book to show for it. Everything changes when Eddie comes across a new illegal drug called NZT. He pops one pill and is granted access to his entire brain, allowing him to recall every touch, taste or smell he ever encountered, digest information at an incredibly accelerated rate and ultimately always be steps ahead of the competition. Sounds too good to be true, right? Of course. Like most drugs, NZT has its downsides and they’re deadly. If Eddie is going to stay alive and continue to build upon his newfound success, he’s going to have to keep the NZT flowing.

During a recent press conference Cooper went into depth about his character and NZT in addition to the actual filmmaking process and how he shot one of director Neil Burger’s many visual tricks. Cooper also recalled his very first encounter with his co-star, Robert De Niro, and touched upon The Hangover and how that film’s success changed his life and enabled him to take on projects that he’s passionate about, like Limitless. Read about all that and more in the interview below.

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