Interview: Stake Land’s Nick Damici

Working with a limited budget? Hire Nick Damici to be part of your film! Not only does he write and act, but he’s willing to live in a tent, cook his own food and make his own props, too.

Damici stars in the film Stake Land as Mister, a survivor of a vampire apocalypse who prides himself on ridding the world of as many bloodsuckers as possible. One day Mister happens upon a house mid-massacre. When young Martin’s (Connor Paolo) parents are killed, Mister lets Martin join him on his quest to reach New Eden, a place that’s supposedly vampire-free. The duo treks across the treacherous terrain not only having to keep an eye out for vampires, but a harsh and violent religious group known as the Brotherhood, too.

Damici set up camp in co-writer and director Jim Mickle’s parents’ backyard and the Mulberry Street team went to work on bringing their second feature film to life. Stake Land’s got everything from smart writing to gruesome makeup to top-notch talent. It’s an entirely professional piece minus all of the glamour and special effects of studio films of the kind, which in turn, makes Stake Land one of the most seemingly authentic vampire films out there.

Check out everything Damici had to say about penning the piece, the production process and more in the video interview below.

Click here to watch the interview.

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