Interview: When Harry Tries to Marry’s Rahul Rai

Even after extensive training it can be quite tough starring in a feature film; imagine what it’s like to be spotted out of nowhere and cast in a major motion picture in a lead role with zero experience whatsoever. Well, that’s precisely what happened to 20-year-old Rahul Rai and the dancer turned up-and-coming actor seized the opportunity.

Rai stars as Harry in Nayan Padrai’s When Harry Tries to Marry. While his parents might not have followed the Indian tradition of having an arranged marriage, Harry is convinced that that’s his only option, especially now that he’s on the verge of graduating college. However, once he’s assigned his dream girl, someone, well, more spontaneous steps into his life, a classmate named Theresa (Stefanie Estes).

Nayan spotted Rai during a dance performance, asked him to audition and, to Rai’s surprised, cast him in the film. Lucky for Rai not only was he working with a director who knew the character of Harry inside and out, but he was also in good company in terms of the cast. Rai might not have been able to head out to the bars with the gang after work, but he did have more than enough time to get to know each and every one of them, learning a lot from their experience in the process.

In honor of the film’s April 22nd, release, Rai told all about his time working on When Harry Tries to Marry from how the opportunity happened to fall right into his lap, to stepping on set for the first time, to his hopes for the future and much more.

Click here to watch the interview.

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