Review: Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

In a time where seemingly everyone has a thing for undead creatures, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night has everything going for it. It comes fully loaded with vampires, zombies and werewolves as well as a story blueprint courtesy of the beloved Italian comic. However, director Kevin Munroe seemingly throws all of his assets out the window to do I don’t know what, but it certainly has nothing to do with making us scared, laugh or even be entertained for that matter.

Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) works as a private investigator in New Orleans, however, thanks to a past predicament, his clientele has changed quite a bit over the years. Originally, Dylan got in the business to keep an eye on the living dead factions, the vampires, werewolves and zombies, and keep the peace. When business got personal, Dylan snapped and killed those who he thought were responsible, compelling the undead to label him a monster hunter, ultimately forcing Dylan to steer clear of his usual crowds.

However, when Dylan’s hired by Elizabeth Ryan (Anita Briem) to solve a supposed werewolf murder and then his assistant, Marcus (Sam Huntington), is attacked, Dylan can no longer ignore the unrest brewing on his old turf and is forced to take action. With his now zombiefied assistant by his side, Dylan and Marcus hit the streets to figure out who’s responsible for the recent string of killings so he can put an end to the uproar and keep the undead’s existence under wraps.

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  1. Clint Hardesty

    That’s too bad. I read somewhere that Dylan Dog is one of Umberto Eco’s favorite things to read.


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