TV Review: The Walking Dead, Episodes 201 & 202

It feels like it’s been months and months since season one of The Walking Dead wrapped. Oh, wait, that’s because it’s legitimately been just about a year since the series premiere debuted. Why the harsh tone? Because not only did AMC give us a mere six episodes of a fantastic new show, but then the network made us wait all this time for round two. However, on the bright side, not only are we getting 13 episodes this time around, but the 10-month wait turns out to be well worth it because the first two episodes of the new season are absolutely stellar.


On December 5th, 2010, we said goodbye to the cast as they fled the incinerated CDC. While everyone is still very much on the run, season two begins with an almost sedentary feeling, with the characters struggling with personal emotions within the context of the zombie takeover.

However, one of season two, episode one’s most stellar scenes is a group effort, something you’ve gotten a taste of via the show’s trailers. When the gang stumbles across a section of highway jam-packed with abandoned cars rather than just clear the way or attempt to drive around, they search each and every vehicle for supplies. What at first seems like a goldmine turns into an absolute nightmare when, before they know it, their scavenger hunt is overtaken by a mass amount of zombies. Tension is sky high as our heroes attempt to survive by hiding under cars, in the RV and any safe place they can find. Enhancing the sequence further is a particularly appropriate use of music, chiming in when necessary, but allowing for an eerie silence at times, too.

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