Giancarlo Esposito Talks Breaking Bad And Once Upon A Time

All caught up on Breaking Bad? No? First off, how dare you? But, more importantly, watch out because this piece is packed with spoilers!

Earlier this evening Breaking Bad baddie, Giancarlo Esposito, showed off how unlike Gus Fring he really is, enjoying a nice night out with his daughter at the premiere of The Adventures of Tintin. Naturally, after Gus’ shocking demise, the obligatory question had to be asked – is that really the end of Gus? While Esposito artfully dodged the question, he does note that “no one dies on Breaking Bad” and that Gus will “definitely be back” perhaps “to put a final stamp on the series’ ending.”

Regardless of how big Gus’ return will be, it looks like Esposito will have another show keeping him quite busy, ABC’s Once Upon a Time. So far, we’ve seen Esposito’s Mirror pop up a few times, but the character most certainly has room to grow, especially with the Mirror’s intriguing newspaper reporter real life counterpart, and it seems as though the show will take advantage of that opportunity. Esposito explained that he’s actually shooting material for the show tomorrow and that we should all keep an eye out for episode 111, teasing his character might be getting closer to the Queen.

Hear it all yourself straight from Esposito in the video interview below and watch out for our full coverage of the red carpet for The Adventures of Tintin closer to the film’s December 21st release.

Click here to watch the interview.

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