Interview: Pariah Director Dee Rees

Attention all aspiring filmmakers; looking for some inspiration? Check out what writer-director Dee Rees accomplished. After spending some time working in the marketing industry, Rees decided she had a story to tell and aptly used NYU’s graduate film program to do it. To fulfill her thesis film requirement, Rees created a short with a portion of that very story and, thanks to the success of that short, Rees finally got the opportunity to tell the full tale through a feature, Pariah.

The piece focuses on a young girl named Alike (Adepero Oduye) who’s not only hesitant to come out to her family, but is also just having a tough time navigating the realm of romance. As her parents continue to brush her development aside, Alike’s feelings only grow stronger leaving her in a particularly trying situation.

Forget the fact that this is Rees’ first feature, which is an achievement in, and of itself; Pariah is downright fantastic. It’s no wonder Spike Lee was so willing to help Rees and her producer during development and all the way through post-production; Rees had a story not only prime for filmmaking, but just worthy of being told.

Think you’ve got something similar? Check out what Rees had to say about her road from film school to critical acclaim.

Click here to read the interview.

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