Interview: Loosies Writer, Producer And Star Peter Facinelli

When you’re a part of an absolutely monstrous franchise like Peter Facinelli, it’s easy to forget there’s life for the actor beyond The Twilight Saga. However, not only does Facinelli have quite the list of titles to his name, but he’s been working on a number of other project between the Twilight films, the most recent of which is something he not only starred in, but wrote and produced, too, Loosies.

Facinelli plays Bobby, a pickpocket doing whatever it takes to make a living for him and his mother. Problem is, Bobby’s wallet and watch-swiping skills also work for police badges and Lt. ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Michael Madsen) isn’t happy his badge now belongs to Bobby. To complicate matters further, Bobby bumps into an old flame, Lucy (Jaimie Alexander). Sure, the two hit it off, but when Bobby turned their nice date into a one night stand, the relationship soured, making it all the more troublesome when Lucy tells Bobby she’s pregnant.

Even with a thriving acting career, there comes a point when you’ve read so many scripts that you’ve just got to give it a go yourself and that’s what happened to Facinelli. But, of course, it isn’t as easy as putting pen to paper, writing a draft and making it happen; Facinelli first wrote Loosies seven years ago and it was only just a couple of years ago that the stars aligned and his story could become a reality. And now, in honor of Loosies’ January 11th release, Facinelli sat down to recount the whole experience from writing the script, to casting and more. Check out everything Facinelli had to say about Loosies as well as a little about the Twilight grand finale in the video interview below.

Click here to watch the interview.

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