Review: Loosies

Having never watched Nurse Jackie, for the past few years, Peter Facinelli has been Carlisle Cullen and Carlisle Cullen alone. However, thanks to Facinelli’s itch to write, we get Loosies and even though Facinelli’s writing is average, it really shows he’s an incredibly talented actor. He seems to have some ability in the writing department, but now I’m more excited for The Twilight Saga to come to a close so Facinelli can sink his teeth into some meatier roles.

Bobby (Facinelli) may look like a stockbroker, but the suit and briefcase are merely a front – if that briefcase is even his; Bobby is a pickpocket. Thanks to the massive debt his father left behind, Bobby’s got no choice but to work for Jax (Vincent Gallo) snagging watches and wallets so he can keep a roof over his mother’s head.

Life’s tough enough as it is, but then, in comes Lucy (Jaimie Alexander), one of Bobby’s former flings. Turns out, their one night stand left her pregnant and thanks to her own financial troubles, she’s got no choice, but to turn to Bobby for help. Also returning to bite Bobby in the you-know-what, a badge Bobby swiped off a New York City detective (Michael Madsen). When the detective’s superior demands he get the badge back or else, the detective pulls out all the stops to make Bobby pay for his crime.

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