Tribeca Interview: Sleepless Night’s Tomer Sisley

You know what it says on Sleepless Night’s IMDb page? “Action” and “Thriller.” Still, the film’s star, Tomer Sisley, notes that it was the tragedy of the story that drew him to the project and, regardless of the film’s classifications, there really is only one big fight scene in the movie, even though I beg to differ.

Sisley leads as Vincent, a police officer who’s involved in a drug heist gone wrong. Vincent and his colleague manage to make it out with the stash, but not before one of their enemies catches a glimpse of Vincent’s face. Shortly after, Vincent finds out that his son has been abducted and a vicious thug is eager to take his life should Vincent not return the drugs.

In honor of Sleepless Night’s debut at the Tribeca Film Festival, Sisley was on hand in New York to talk about making the film. We run through everything from Sisley’s action experience, to shooting the action-packed kitchen scene, the action in the nightclub and more. Can you find the keyword? But seriously, even though I’d still dub Sleepless Night an action film, Sisley makes a very good point and it’s the intensely honest portrayal of Vincent’s heartbreaking predicament that really makes the film stand out. Hear all about it in the video interview below.

Click here to watch the interview.

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