Review: Your Sister’s Sister

I love my family and friends dearly and always try to go out of my way to express that, but, hey, this is life and sometimes that affection can blend into the background a bit. That’s why we need movies like Your Sister’s Sister. I certainly can’t relate to the drama at the core of this film, but there’s such a strong semblance of authentic love and affection here, that I just couldn’t help, but to go home and make sure my sister knows how much she means to me.

It’s been a year since Tom’s death. His ex-girlfriend Iris (Emily Blunt) has managed to pull herself together, but Tom’s brother, Jack (Mark Duplass), is still “emotionally
crippled” by the loss. In an effort to help him get back on track, Iris offers up her family’s isolated cabin for some alone time. However, when Jack arrives via his cute little red bicycle, the house is already occupied by Iris’ sister, Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt). A little chitchat here, a little tequila there and the two wind up in bed together. No big deal, right? Perhaps it would have been, had Iris not shown up at the cabin the next morning.

In an industry saturated with grandiose tales, flashy camera movements and big effects, Your Sister’s Sister is the ultimate return to simplicity, and the results are downright wonderful. It only takes the film a matter of minutes to capture your full attention courtesy of a riveting, amusing and rather painful speech from Jack at an event honoring the one-year anniversary of Tom’s death. When one guy at the party feels the need to praise all the best of Tom, Jack takes it upon himself to touch on the other side. No, Jack doesn’t reveal Tom’s mean streak, rather addresses what could be considered minor flaws and while the rest of the group is shocked and somewhat disgusted by his behavior, there’s so much that rings true in his speech and Duplass fuels it with such honest emotion, it’s impossible not to be swayed by the performance. And that’s only the first few minutes of the film.

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