‘Compliance’ and ‘Jack Reacher’ in the Best and Worst Movie Promos of the Week

Leading up to the promotional frenzy that’s likely to come in honor of San Diego Comic Con, the holiday week has been fairly slow in the marketing department.

The few big releases making promotional moves opted to go the poster route. The Amazing Spider-Man plugged its IMAX release with a new poster featuring The Lizard while The Expendables 2 doesn’t even need IMAX; it’s action icon-packed cast is already larger than life. Dredd opted for a motion poster that features a prime pre-release marketing tool, the movie’s most quotable and therefore eventually most overused line while The Dark Knight Rises dishes out yet another design, but keeps the bar high with a wall-worthy rendering.Total Recall is the sole upcoming wide release to tap a fairly quiet region of the marketing realm; viral sites. The Rekall campaign grows, unveiling the opportunity to get a personalized Rekall video and enter to win some impressive prizes.

As for the limited releases, we’ve got four videos worth checking out. Space Nazis attempt to get closer to a US theatrical release with a brand new domestic trailer for Iron Sky while Zach Galifianakis shows off the trailer for his first go at producing for the big screen, Craigslist Joe. AFI Fest Grand Jury Prize winner The Loneliest Planet rocks a particularly eerie new trailer and The Imposter gives you the opportunity to delve into the disturbing case of Frédéric Bourdin before exploring all the details in the full feature.

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