SDCC 2012 Interview: Nikita’s Maggie Q

Any new season brings a big shift for a show’s lead, but in the case of “Nikita,” the show’s third season takes Maggie Q’s character in an entirely new direction. Not caught up on both seasons of “Nikita?” It might be a good idea to mind this SPOILER ALERT as this interview is oozing with season one and two plot details as well as hints at what’s to come during round three.

For all of seasons one and two Nikita has had one goal and one goal only – take down Percy (Xander Berkeley) and bring down Division with him. Well, as of the finale of season two, mission accomplished, so Nikita’s going to have to switch gears completely.

What’s the outlook on life back at Division for Nikita? Who’s her next target? How has the experience changed for Q herself? Hear all about that and much more in the video interview below.

Click here to watch the interview.

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