The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of the Week

Aint-Them-Bodies-SaintsDid a trailer finally conquer the tacky narration technique and make it work? Not quite. The latest trailer for Walking with Dinosaurs came close to being Best Stuff worthy, but in comparing it to the first trailer, it’s just way too evident that the voiceover does more harm than good. And even then, the Walking with Dinosaurs trailer is still leaps and bounds beyond the one for Machete Kills. If your money shot is showing off Sofia Vergara rocking boobs with firepower, you’re bound to alienate a significant portion of the audience.

The Best Stuff

1. Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

There’s something undeniably enchanting about two people in love and it’s as evident as ever in the new trailer for Ain’t Them Bodies Saints. Once it pulls you in via the chemistry between Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck, it drops a bomb, and a wildly captivating one at that. The tension builds with every beat of the background tune, ultimately leaving you relentlessly curious about the details of the characters’ past, present and future.

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