Review: Rush

Rush_PosterThe will and courage to compete in Formula One racing is extremely unique, but thanks to Ron Howard, Chris Hemsworth, and Daniel Brühl’s work, you can feel the fear, desperation, and passion involved in “Rush.”

Based on the true stories of racing adversaries, Niki Lauda (Brühl) and James Hunt (Hemsworth), “Rush” tracks their rise from Formula Three to Formula One where the two go head-to-head in the highly controversial 1976 season during which they battle through an unprecedented rivalry filled with bold driving tactics and life changing decisions.

“Rush” turns the feel-good sports movie subgenre on its head. There are a number of familiar elements and sentiments within “Rush,” namely Hunt’s playboy verses Lauda’s hard worker and a slew of revelatory victories, but nothing in this film can be taken at face value. It delivers the necessary common beats, ensuring it’s an entertaining piece from beginning to end, but thanks to Ron Howard’s impeccable visuals, Brühl and Hemsworth’s noteworthy performances, Peter Morgan’s beautifully layered script, and the downright rousing sound design, “Rush” offers an exceptional range of emotion.

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