MHHFF 2013 Review: Ghost Team One

Ghost_Team_One_PosterFlood a spoof movie with an overabundance of jokes and it can only go one of two ways – the jokes either hit or they don’t. However, if you take the time to deliver two engaging leads, not only is there a better chance the gags will be winners, but even if they’re not, the film still packs the momentum to cruise right past them because you care about characters, and so is the case with Ghost Team One.

Despite the fact that their housemate Chuck (Tony Cavalero) is striving to keep sober, Sergio and Brad (Carlos Santos and J.R. Villarreal) take pride in partying to the max and scouting out potential lady friends for flings. However, one night, their hobbies are entirely warped by two new presences in the home – a ghost and a hot girl who just so happens to have a thing for hunting ghosts. In an effort to make contact with their newfound paranormal roommate and impress Fernanda (Fernanda Romero), Sergio and Brad create Ghost Team One.

Per usual, this spoof movie is overloaded with crude humor, but Santos and Villarreal create such likable leads that Ghost Team One becomes much more than one big joke.

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