Interview: Nebraska’s Bob Odenkirk

Bob_OdenkirkWhen you’re known for such a bold, extreme character like Breaking Bad’s money-hungry criminal lawyer Saul Goodman, it’s quite the show of talent watching Bob Odenkirk shedding that striking persona and losing himself in Nebraska’s far more grounded Ross Grant.

In the film, Bruce Dern (Coming Home)  leads as Ross’ father, Woody. As an extremely stubborn aging alcoholic, Woody receives a letter in the mail dubbing him a sweepstakes millionaire and he’s convinced it’s the real deal; nothing will stop Woody from traveling to Nebraska to collect his winnings. In an effort to uphold Woody’s spirit and sanity, Ross’ brother, David (Will Forte, MacGruber), plays along and takes him on the trip, much to Ross and his mother Kate’s (June Squibb, The Big Year) chagrin.

Even though Odenkirk, Dern, Forte and Squibb all make highly unique and unforgettable contributions to the film, one of Nebraska’s prime standout components is the Grant family as a whole, and it’s that very element that helped Odenkirk turn Ross into such a real, layered character.

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