Pets Named After ‘Hunger Games’ Characters

Hunger_Games_PetsAs an incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and often obsessive pet owner and movie lover, it is immensely fulfilling to bestow a movie-themed name upon a furry new member of the family. Even though an addiction to Scream won out and compelled me to dub my little guy Dewey, there are loads of pets out there with Hunger Games-inspired names and in honor of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, we want to give them even more love than they’re already getting.

Finnick the Cat

Mandy dubbed her cat Finnick her “loveable, adorable boy.” Further proving that Finnick is deserving of his Hunger Games name, Mandy explained, “He’s very charming and personable, and has to know everything that’s going on.” Does that sound like a certain someone who trades big money for Capitol secrets to you or what?
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