The Most Disturbing Horror Movies

paranormal-activity-140106-520Why do people watch horror movies? There are many answers to that question, but I go for the obvious – I enjoy being scared. Whether it’s a jump scare that makes my heart skip a beat or a creepy concept that makes me wonder if something’s lurking in the dark late at night, that fear gives me a welcome jolt. Even as someone who’ll watch anything and everything in the genre, however, there’s always the concern of coming across a disturbingly bad movie. And that doesn’t necessarily have to mean disturbingly bad likeHalloween II or The Roommate, but rather films that are so off-putting or have concepts that are so alarming that not only is it impossible to enjoy, but it makes you unhappy.

Admittedly you can’t generalize when writing about what makes a person scared, so here’s a breakdown of the disturbingly good and disturbingly bad from a personal perspective.

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