Three Creepy Stories the ‘Paranormal Activity’ Franchise Should Explore Next

Paranormal_Activity_The_Marked_Ones_PosterSince Paranormal Activity arrived in 2009, the plan seemed to be for the franchise to take Saw’s place and churn out a new installment each Halloween. Trouble is, even though Paranormal Activity 5 was announced and given an October 25, 2013 due date almost immediately after film four hit theaters, that didn’t end up happening.

In July of 2013, news broke that Paranormal Activity 5 was uprooted from that original release and plopped back down in January 2014. A move like that was alarming considering Paranormal Activity seemed to have been making the push to turn the films into a Halloween staple, but at the same time The Devil InsideTexas Chainsaw 3D and Mama all recently proved that January was prime time for horror. Well, it turns out, the Paranormal Activity series wants to reap the benefits of both debut dates.

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