The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of the Week

Cabin_Fever_Patient_Zero_ThumbWhen one trailer is essentially a copy and paste of a previous one minus a few joke swaps, it’s typically an instant pass for The Best and Worst Stuff. However, in the case of Jason Bateman’s directorial debut, Bad Words, it’s such a joy and pleasure to be back in that world with him and Rohan Chand that the material is actually a little more effective the second time around. But still, the film’s new green band promo is nearly a shot-for-shot duplicate of thered band one, so it’ll have to settle for an honorable mention and give other film trailers a shot.

The Best Stuff

1. Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

Admittedly, this one isn’t really deserving of the Best Stuff title, but it did manage to slip in due to the lack of competition. The cut from patient zero lockdown to obnoxious party time doesn’t work in the least, their situations don’t congeal well thereafter and those title cards are tacky to the max, but if you’re into the Cabin Fever series, it’s tough not to want more. Sure, a connection to the characters and a clearer sense of what’s at risk would have made this a stronger selling tool for non-fans, but for the rest, the tease of more flesh-eating virus carnage is all you need.

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