YA Movie Countdown: Which Young-Adult Films Will Be the Big Moneymakers of 2014?

Finnick_Holding_MoneyAnticipation is one thing, but this is a business and that means that come release time, our six impending young adult book-to-film adaptations will primarily be judged by their box office hauls – especially considering four of the six are part of multiple-book series. Things can change, particularly if some of these prove to be high quality adaptations, but at the moment, here’s how the box office potential of this year’s crop of YA films breaks down.

February 7

This one is going to be a toss-up. The Weinstein Company just uprooted Vampire Academyfrom its original Valentine’s Day release and plopped it back down in the February 7 slot where it’ll face off against The Lego Movie and Monuments Men. Even though both are potential big earners, this could be a smart move because not only is February 14 overloaded with new material, but that new material includes two films that could threaten some of Vampire Academy’s target audience: the Alex Pettyfer romance Endless Love and the book-to-film adaptation Winter’s Tale.

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