The Best – and Worst – Movie Trailers of the Week

Robert_De_Niro_in_a_BushIt’s a good thing that Vampire Academy makes some progress with its latest trailer because now that it’s been bumped up to a February 7 release, it’s got a lot of ground to cover if it’s going to reel in moviegoers beyond fans of the book. Clearly it’s latest promo isn’t a total success, otherwise it would have made its way into the Best Stuff, but this star-hosted format does boast a fresh feel that doesn’t quite succeed in convincing potential viewers that there’s more to it than vampire and high school clichés, but it still rocks appeal thanks to riveting editing, on-point song selections and a strong sense of tone. But again, it’s a no-go for this week’s Best Stuff, so check out what did make the cut.

The Best Stuff

1. Oculus

The new trailer for the horror movie Oculus uses up the large majority of its running time on a shot that simply shows a sheet falling off a mirror, but good scares largely come down to timing and tone and that rather bare visual paired with the slightest push and effective fairy tale-like narration creates quite the build, intensifying the effect of the eerie and nightmarish imagery that follows.

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