10 Unforgettable Awkward Movie Moments

That_Awkward_MomentAccording to That Awkward Moment, there’s a point in a relationship when someone busts out “The So.” One party kicks off the conversation with “so …” and then follows it up with a question that will determine the fate of the relationship – where is this going, what are we doing, etc. We can’t help you avoid “The So” or stop you from tripping and falling, pressing send on an e-mail prematurely or getting caught up in a big fat lie, but at least for the next few minutes you can steer clear of any self-created misunderstandings by indulging in this string of big-screen mishaps that rival the awkwardness of “The So.”

Dress Shopping in Bridesmaids

Doing your business all over expensive bridesmaid dresses is devastating no matter what the circumstances, but what really makes the post-Brazilian feast calamity in Bridesmaids even more effective is the build-up. At first the schvitzing, fidgeting and tummy rumbling seems harmless, especially when you’re discussing whether or not to buy a Fritz Bernaise, but the second one bridesmaid can’t hold it in any longer, it’s a chain reaction of mind-blowingly unladylike incidents until poor Lillian is in the middle of the street, pooping her high-end wedding dress. The two-year-old Lady JuJu gown was too poofy anyway.

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