Zoey Deutch & Lucy Fry Reveal Everything You Need to Know About ‘Vampire Academy’

Mia_Punch_Vampire_AcademyThe time has finally come! The book-to-film adaptation of Richelle Mead’s Vampire Academyis just days away and in honor of the big debut, we got the chance to sit down with the film’s stars to discuss the highlights of bringing the Moroi/Dhampir world to life. But before we get the details on the double dose of Oscar the cat, an excess of macaroons and thoughts aboutFrostbite, here’s a little Vampire Academy 101 for those playing catch-up.

What Is Vampire Academy About?

The narrative hones in on a society broken up into three species: benevolent vampires called Moroi, undead and immortal vampires called Strigoi, and half-Moroi, half-humans called Dhampirs. The Strigoi are cruel and sadistic, targeting Moroi because by drinking their blood, they become far stronger and faster. Moroi, on the other hand, drink blood from willing feeders, humans that volunteer to keep the Moroi nourished. Trouble is, human blood doesn’t have the same effect as Moroi blood. However, the Moroi do have an ability that the Strigoi do not – they can specialize in an element. For example, a Moroi with the ability to specialize in fire, like Christian Ozera, can manipulate the element at will, even as a weapon if necessary.

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