Will ‘Vampire Academy”s Bad Box Office Kill the YA Craze?

Vampire_AcademyVampire Academy was having a good time riding the young-adult book-to-film wave. It had the director of Mean Girls, the writer of Heathers and a number of hot, new up-and-comers, but the film still tanked at the box office. In fact, it didn’t just tank — it crashed and burned until there was little to nothing left. The film opened with an abysmal $1,466 per theater average, leaving it just $3.9 million for its opening weekend and putting it well behind last year’s biggest YA losers, Beautiful CreaturesThe Host and The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones.

You’d think with an opening that low, it wouldn’t have all that far to fall in its second weekend out, but no. Vampire Academy couldn’t even hold on to half of its opening-weekend profits, bumping it all the way down from number seven to number 14 in its second weekend. There’s a good chance this thing won’t even be in theaters for a full two months.

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