How to Create a Great Movie Trailer, According to the Pros

310594_300With Best and Worst Movie Trailers of the Week approaching its third anniversary, it’s about time we sit down with some of the folks responsible for churning out those promos to get a clearer sense of exactly what it takes to deliver an effective movie trailer. It would seem logical for editors to get a final cut of a film and then sell the thing using only the best parts, but there’s so much more to it than that. Sometimes you’re stuck working with unfinished cuts, you’ve got to incorporate client recommendations, squeeze in critic quotes, work around incomplete visual effects — the list of variables goes on and on.

In an effort to shed some light on the process, the team at Wheelhouse Creative, a boutique movie marketing and production company based in New York City, took the time to sit down with, run through the details and even offer up a case study, their latest trailer for the Academy Award-nominated film The Great Beauty. But before we hit the finer details, Wheelhouse Executive Director Rob Lyons and Creative Director Jeremy Workman offer up an overview of their most common workflow …

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